Many moons ago, one of the Dorkko eggs that was washed away by the waves landed on an uninhabited island. Eventually, the Dorkko hatched and made the island its home.

Since then the Dorkko dedicated itself to becoming the protector of the island.


Despite their dorky appearance, Dorkkos are considered sacred by some tribes around the world.

Dorkkos play the role of guardians against bugs, insects and other invaders. They might also favor you with luck and riches.

Did you notice that some Dorkkos have mismatched tails? Some Dorkkos lose their tails and don't realise that they would grow a new one over time.

These silly Dorkkos look for any tails they can find and stitch it back on.

Generation 1 Rollout

The human race discovers the existence of Dorkkos. We start to learn more about their origins and lore.

25% - Monthly Free NFT Kickoff

Lucky collectors will get Dorkko NFT as a reward and top inviters will get ETH as a prize.

50% - Community ETH Raffle

We’re halfway there! We drop Ethereum raffle exclusively for Dorkko collectors.

75% - Limited Seasonal NFT Raffle & Rarity Tools Listing

Collectors get a chance to claim a limited edition, special collab or themed NFT each month. We drop limited seasonal Dorkkos to the community & Dorkkos will be listed to Rarity Tools website!

100% - Collectors ETH Raffle

All Dorkkos have been adopted! We drop a total of 5 ETH back to collectors.
We start to expand the ecosystem with:
- Generation 2 Dorkko Rollout
- Breeding System Implementation
- Play to Earn game with cross-platform capability on website & mobile apps

What is Dorkko?

Dorkko is a collection of 10,000 guardian gecko NFTs living on the Ethereum network.

Dorkko is just the first phase of our plans to build an interactive and inclusive ecosystem around community growth and long-term value. By collecting Dorkko NFTs, you'll get to help guide the direction of the project.

We will work on adding functional and interactive features to boost the project and provide value to our collectors. These include the implementation of a breeding system, a Gen 2 rollout, and Play to Earn game with web & mobile cross-platform capabillity.

You can mint a Dorkko for 0.06 ETH + gas

You’ll need Ether and an Ethereum Wallet to mint and store your Dorkko NFT. We recommend using the Metamask Wallet on your Chrome or Brave web browser.

Join us on our official Discord server to get updates on our launch date!

Yes! Look out for our community missions in Discord and Twitter!

Dorkko’s hatch date will be 2 days after the launch.

Yes, again join us on Discord to learn how to get whitelisted for the presale.